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Stuff I want for some reason or another. Feel free to contribute by telling me where I can pick one up cheap, used, or new. If you want to buy me something I’ll thank you immensely. This is not me being greedy, it’s me being needy.

In no particular order outside of my braindump:

  • A photo/light-based theremin for experimentation only. Such as this one.
  • Bliptronic 5000 synth, because it’s fun and loopy.
  • Otamatone!
  • Stylophone retro pocket synth. Why? Because why not? It makes nice harshy sounds that can get all ripped up.
  • Boss Digital Delay pedal
  • Boss Fuzz pedal.
  • Drone pedal(s) – I have a sleepdrone which is awesome, but why not have MORE.
  • Some sort of small synth / noise generator pedal, that’s not just drone tones.
  • Pedalboard of some sort so that I can stay organized and whatnot.
  • Some kind of bass synth that can create wicked lowend.
  • A small 4-channel mixer for playing live so that I don’t have to have 13897 amps and not drag around a PA system. Update: I got a nice 8-channel/4-channel stereo/mono mixer on the cheap.
  • 4-channel headphone amp that won’t be used as a headphone amp but as a reverse mixer of sorts. Ie. 1 input but lots of output so I can put one sound source as the in and lots of solo’ed effects or different chain(s) as the outs. Like this one.
  • Microphone that is hands-free but boy-band like and can be worn on my head.
  • Another fuzz or distortion pedal that is super duper loud. Perhaps something from Audible Disease?!
  • Crazy circuit bent stuff and/or crocodile clippers and other stuff so I can try to burn down my house while making new noises. (Talking Heads?!)
  • A pedal-based looper. Perhaps the Boss RC-3 Loop Station or go all out and man-up for the Boss RC-30 Loop Station?!
  • Some sort of sweet octave-shifting generator, hmm, perhaps the Electro-Harmonix XO Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator pedal?
  • Speaking of octave shifts, stoked on the heaviest one (supposedly) EVER, the Boss OC-3 Super Octave pedal effect!
  • About a billion more cables to hook stuff up!
  • To find my handheld recorder so I can be stealth and interview people like a sleuth.
  • A Korg Monotron synth because its powerfully cute and small.
  • Some contact and/or pickup mics. Like this and like that.
  • Another theremin because you can never have enough theremin and radio signally weird stuff.
  • Some rack effects. Let’s start with a delay effect rack. But also some compression, reverb, amp-modulator, and whatever else I can impulse buy.
  • Violin bow because when added to a guitar, bass, or other stringed instrument it can sound epic.
  • A cheap-o electric guitar preferably an Ibanez. I don’t know why I should have that preference.
  • Loud as fuck guitar amp/cabinet
  • A cheap-o electric bass guitar. I don’t really care what brand but if it comes with Les Claypool skillz I will be vastly happy. Meaning I automagically learn how to play it without practice. That’s probably an off-brand I’d imagine.
  • Ear plugs so I can say, “wahh?” and not be deaf but ironic.
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